The Maladjusted

The Maladjusted

a three olive review

If you’ve been reading my reviews here at G & R, you’ll know that I really enjoy short stories. For those of us who lead busy lives — which is most of us, lets be honest — short stories offer the opportunity to get in a great read with little time commitment. You can read a story and put the book down not to pick it up again until the next day, or the following week, and you still feel sated. For me though, that was not the case with Derek Hayes’ collection of short stories, The Maladjusted.

I don’t mean that as a negative, though. What I mean is that I had a really hard time putting the book down. There is an energy to Hayes’ storytelling that makes it almost impossible to stop reading. The collection features characters that live on the fringe, outside of social norms. Whether it’s due to mental illness, physical abnormality or just an overabundance of ego, Hayes has captured the idiosyncrasies perfectly. Each of the characters are crafted brilliantly and believably — a true accomplishment.

Heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time, Derek Hayes’ The Maladjusted is a collection that I recommend to anyone who is looking for smart, realistic storytelling.

The Maladjusted
Written by: Derek Hayes
Published by: Thistledown Press
ISBN: 9781897235904

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Buy it at
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